Myrthe Photography makes family documentary photos. That means that it's all about


Real Moments, Real Emotions: Your real family life!


I will not tell you what to do, I want you to enjoy the moment as a family and I will capture the moments that will tell you your unique family story! What do you like to do as a family? Are you making music together? Do your kids like messing around while eating? Do they love quietly reading a book? Or are they always running around? I will come to your home for a day in a life session, you will get true images reflecting your family life. This will let you remember, how these days looked and felt years later. 

Because normal  is so special!


Family: Day in a life

When I come to your home for a photoshoot, I will document your family life as it is. That means no posing or directing and no saying cheese ;-) You just have a normal day and I will capture that for your family. That means that I will document normal daily routines; waking up, eating breakfast and getting ready for school in the morning. In the afternoon I document the afternoon routine, playing, doing homework or sport, enjoying dinner and getting ready for bed. After some story time and a goodnight kiss I’m ready to go home.

Because I come for a longer time frame it means there will be no pressure on the kids, we will have the time for them to get relaxt and give them space when that's needed. Maybe it still feels a bit strange to have someone for a longer time in you home. But I know how it is to be a mum, how kids can be and how hard you work as parents! So I will be very relaxt while taking the pictures with your family. It’s all about having a normal fun day together, so that I will be able to take the pictures that will resemble your family uniqueness. 


Expat life

Expat life is amazing, you live in a place very different from home. You have a different life which can be intense and it can change quickly. Especially for expats families day in a life sessions can be very valuable. You have a visual document of your daily life. You can show your family back home how your life is. And most important, your kids will have a visual memory of your life here. When kids are moving around  it is very important for them that they will have real memories about the places they called Home. How nice is it for them if they have pictures of their room, their uniform and that one special thing they will remember for the rest of their life? Let me come over so that your kids will have these precious memories for the rest of their life!

Newborn or Baby shoot

Getting a baby is always a very special and intense moment. Giving birth abroad is even more intense with family and friends being on a greater distance. I would love to come to your home or the hospital to document those special first moments in your family. Also my newborn photoshoots are documentary style. If you just take care of the baby I will have plenty of opportunities to make lovely pictures. I will not pose you or the baby in anyway. I will come for around 2 hours, so there’s no time pressure for you or the baby. When I’m finished with the pictures you will get a slideshow that you can send to your family back home, so that they can meet the new baby in a unique way!


The first year with a baby is one of many milestones. I  would love to come over to document a few of those milestones: nursing, having the first real food, crawling or even the first steps. The first year is hard work but also so lovely! 




Welcome to the world! 


About Myrthe

Myrthe Photography Sealine Desert Doha Qatar

I’m am Myrthe van Boon, I grew up in Holland, I studied Psychology and with my husband and two daughters I've lived in different countries in Europe and the Middle East. 


My love for photography started with my dad when I was a child, but really took of with the start of the digital cameras. When I had to live with medical problems for many years I had to miss many moments of our daily family life. This was not an easy time but I always kept photographing and I learned two important lessons:

I developed the love for daily life 

I got years of training of observing and learning to capture the perfect moment.

When I had to miss daily family moments I learned how important they are. The cuddling, the moments of fun, the moments of comfort, the eating together and even the moments of struggle: that are the moments that makes every family unique! I started documenting those moments for our family from the birth of our daughters. Because I was mostly an observer at the sideline of the action, photographing became my habit to still be a part of the moment. In my family we celebrate this love for daily life every birthday with a little year movie, which my daughters love!  

After more then 13 years I was very lucky to get a special treatment for my head injury and that relieved me from almost all my symptoms. An amazing experience and with a new life in front of me I knew what I wanted to do. The plan I already had in my head for many years: 


photographing the daily life of families, to show them how special and unique this is! 

Since then I love coming to other families homes to make these special memories for life. I know how it is to be a parent, I know how it is to be an expat and I love to show you how unique and lovely your family life is! 


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